Organizational and Business Creation and Support
The VISION Excelerator – Engaging Experience
(Visioning, Inspiring, Strategizing, Incubating, Organizing, Neomancing).

The Vision Excelerator aims to fill a gap in existing business incubation and development and entrepreneurial training by supporting business creation, growing businesses and organizations, and providing assistance for more success and profitability. To accomplish this, we will support people who have ideas, dreams, visions and a desire to pursue the creation of a business, organization or initiative. The services we provide will be in the form of expert advice and guidance, business support services and planning, technology support, educational resources, and providing referrals to necessary resources to assist entrepreneurs and visionaries to be successful in all aspects of their business development.

Derived from the entrepreneurial experiences of Dr. Andrew Skadberg, our stellar team, and ideas generated from Texas A&M’s Technology Transfer Commercialization Initiative (TTCI) and small business development of Texas Cooperative Extension, and a life-time of entrepreneurial experience, the Vision Excelerator will provide comprehensive services to a variety of entities and individuals.

 Areas of specialization
- Entrepreneurship                  - Organizational Development           - Networking
- Commercialization               - New technologies                             - Sustainability
- Tourism                                 - Regional development                     - Education
- Environmental protection    - Innovation in societal systems and services
- Community revitalization and individual empowerment                           

We provide services in the following ways: general consulting, expert advice, business strategy, visioning and planning, business assessment, educational resources (free and fee), networking, referrals, etc.