Experience Creation

The experience that you create and provide is the product you are selling. It is not just an accommodation, a tour, or a hike; it is a combination of activities, settings, and services that together produce an experience that can affect your customer in profound ways. The Experience Co-Evolution Group helps you create experiences that will positively affect people – and make them want to return for more. Satisfied customers create advocates for your experience, which then becomes “word of mouth” advertising – the driving force behind the new, emerging “experience-based economy”. We support the three main factors for creating your experiences:

Interpretation is simply – “telling the story” of people and places, which is what people are seeking. Translating the history, geography, and stories of people and natural elements into engaging tales and memorable experiences is just part of our expertise.
Programming in recreational settings is the combination of activities, services, and experiences and blending them into a cohesive and interesting experience which is necessary to keep people happy, safe and comfortable. If successful, the result is return customers and people telling friends too. These are key ingredients to success – memorable experiences with people coming back for more.
Performance Support – sustaining a successful tourism and economic diversification strategy for your community, organization or business requires effective maintenance, monitoring, measuring and possibly revitalization. Our team has been working in this arena for many years and understands how to assure your success.