Experiential Education and the Rural Innovation Institute

Experiential education in simple terms is “learning by doing”. We offer a variety of educational subjects and approaches that aim to assist individuals to achieve their personal visions and objectives. We at Experience Co-Evolution Group focus on practical and pragmatic subjects to assist people in their areas of need. We feel experiential education is the model for education in the future.

Our primary vehicle of delivery is the Rural Innovation Institute, which presents an opportunity for rural places—to be leaders, and to empower their communities and regions to transform the lives of people.

Changing times are presenting new ways that we can reach out to people and provide services. The best way to offer these services is through an educational vehicle. However, the traditional educational institutions have fallen prey to systems that are not teaching subjects that make a difference in people´s lives, nor in creating a dynamic interchange of ideas and resources between the “public” and the learning institutions.